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THE JAZZ CENTURY in Barcelona – From the 22nd of July to the 18th of Octobre 2009

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The hotel Curious recommends you to enjoy this exposition about the influences of Jazz on visual arts.

Jazz, this new music first appeared around 1917 and became celebrated by a new generation of people from the mid 20´s. It evolved to what we know today, the richest music, based on improvisation and fusions with various other styles.

But that is not it.

Jazz became the new sign of joy and life on both side of the Atlantic ocean after World War I, it made the white american society recognised the afro-american culture in the 30´s. Beebop and Boogie-Woogie, inspired from jazz were the airbreathe of the newly liberated Europe after World War II.

And still, it is not it.

Jazz was linked to a variety of other media such as photography, painting, films, animation, .. , arts.
Man Ray, Aaron Douglas and many others used jazz as their favorite theme while working, right from the beggining.
Painters like Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse, Pollock ofen were under jazz´s influence during their work.
Andy Warhol designed some of the best albums covers, ….

So much to tell, so much to see.


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