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Comic book International Fair 2010 in Barcelona

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Hotel Curious is pleased to announce this event in Barcelona. For all comicfans… La Feria del Cómic is here!

The May 6th, 2010 will start the 28th Comic Fair of Barcelona. This year will feature renowned artists such as Jeff Smith, Gilbert Shelton, Tanino Liberatore, Gene Ha, Lewis Trondheim, Ethan Van Sciver or authors of The Losers, Jock and Andy Diggle; comic book movie to be released soon directed by Sylvain White. There will also be the exceptional exposure of original masterpiece of Harold Foster, Prince Valiant, as well as one dedicated to Manuel Vazquez, the mythical comic book artist of Bruguera.

The cover is the work of Ana Miralles, winner of the Grand Prize at the 2009 and one of the artists who is also exhibiting. As news of participation, Euskadi appreciates the opportunity it provides to be released in an event that is international benchmark related to this culture, that is living a healthy time in creativity, so as a business. Evidenced by the fact of the growing interest shown by audiovisual and videogames factories to participate in the fair.

When: 6th to 9th of May 2010
Where: Palacio 8 of Fira de Barcelona
How much: 6€

Will you miss it…?

Feria del Cómic
Specialist libraries in BCN
National Comic Guide webpage
Comic Museum in BCN

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