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Christmas in Barcelona (1st part)

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Hotel Curious invites you to spend Christmas in Barcelona. Our city is perfect for the new year!

Thus today we dedicate this post to Christmas in Catalunya to enlighten our readers a little about what they will find if they decide to come to the city at this time. But since this is a somewhat lengthy post divide it into two parts.

The December 2 will turn on the lights in the streets, landmark buildings and work of Cerdà who designed the Barcelona urban space will be endowed with the magic of Christmas lights. During these early days of Christmas also premieres ‘els Pastorets’ (“the shepherds”) in the municipal theaters of each neighborhood. Usually amateur theater groups make each year make the representation the coming of Jesus Christ. In Catalonia, everyone watched it in some moment in his life. Children have fun watching the devils unsuccessfully facing against the shepherds protected by angels.

Each house makes the pessebre (or ‘el Belén’) a reconstruction with mud figurines of Jesus’ birth. In Plaça Sant Jaume, in front of the city hall, since early December you can see a natural size ‘pessebre’. It is also a good opportunity to visit the church of Betlem on our street del Carme in which there is an exhibit of the best collected pessebres. In Catalunya there are many towns in which performs live scenes of pessebre that are well worth seeing.

From late November to 23/12 in front of the Cathedral of Barcelona there’s the Santa Llúcia Fair (Santa Lucia), where you can buy handmade Christmas gadgets, and find the famous ‘caganer’. This pessebre figurine has become very famous in recent years, is the representation of a shepherd crouched doing its needs, and exists the characterization of many public figures. Also will be the Mercat de Nadal (christmas market) in front of the Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia temple from 12/08/1910 until 12/23/1910. Right there on 11 and 18 December from 6 to 8 pm Santa Claus will stay collecting gift cards and give balloons and cookies

Held on 24 is the famous and crowded midnight mass. You can find English-speaking churches here. And the next morning is Christmas Day, when the whole family gathers. In Catalonia is typical to eat ‘escudella’ broth, made of all types of meat (from chicken to beef and sausage), served with large galets (made of pasta) and accompanied by the traditional “pilota” made of ground beef with garlic and parsley. Second is often the “tall” (slice), which is grilled or roasted meat. Nougat and wafers they offer a wealthy show in the desserts, all accompanied always the best champagne or muscat.
After dinner it’s time to make cagar el tió what aproximately means make the log to shit. This is a log with a face drawn and wearing Catalan barretina (a red hat) that brings gifts to the family, but it has to be fed from the December 8, feast of the Immaculate Conception, with nuts, milk and cookies. Must be fed well, because he has to bring us good gifts, but greater gifts will be responsible for the Magi. To do so cagar you have to give blows to the beat of a traditional song and is usually done in groups, either with family or friends.

And here the first part of this special Christmas post. The next day we’ll talk of the Santos Inocentes, about where to spend the new year, and the cavalcade of the Magi.

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