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Typical Spanish PART IV: Sevillanas

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Sevillanas is a typical song and dance of Seville and all Andalusia region in general, and it is considered a kind of flamenco music. Its origins would be in the years before the time of the Catholic Kings, in compositions that were known as “Castilian seguidillas”. With the time they evolved and getting closer and closer to flamenco. In the eighteenth century the typical dancing was add.

The music that accompanies the Sevillana comes as standard from the strings of a Spanish guitar strumming touched. Usually accompanied with clapping castanets, “rociero” whistle, drum and/or tambourine.

It is currently the largest regional dance most danced in Spain and elsewhere abroad, as there are numerous professional dance academies located throughout the world, to teach dance Sevillanas, rumbas, flamenco and a lot more of this branch of music.

Here’s an example of a Sevillana (sung and danced):

We hope you enjoy this traditional Spanish dance!

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