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Local festivities of Barcelona: La Mercè 2014

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“La Mercè” is the patron saint of Barcelona, ​​and like every year, the city dresses up to commemorate it.

This year the festivity will be held between 19 and 24 September in Barcelona. There will be hundreds of activities: Capgrossos, Sardanes, concerts and many other activities. The party will end with the famous Piromusical, a show of fireworks combined with lights in the fountains of Montjuic. Six days of festival and tradition, with Stockholm as guest city.

The guest city programme will be reciprocal, as Barcelona will be at the Stockholms Kulturfestival in August, in an exchange that will allow spectators to get to know for themselves the street arts, circus, dance and music of the two cities.

You can check the schedule of activities on the official website.

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