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Packing for Barcelona: SUMMER

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Here's the dilemma: What to pack for Barcelona? What's the weather like there? Wrap a bikini or a sweater? I have been told that Spain has a very changing weather…

Well, from Hotel Curious we want to give you some tips so THIS SUMMER you don't leave anything important at home. You will be very comfortable and the most important… you will be always fashionable in all occasions.

1. Sunscreen. The sun here is very itchy and if you do not want to look like as a shrimp, we recommend you bring sunscreen. And not just to use it at the beach, but also to go down the street.

2. Sneakers. You need very comfortable shoes to walk through Barcelona. Sneakers are very popular in Barcelona, ​​and the more colorful the better!

3. You cannot miss sandals, it is the shoe that you're going to use in Barcelona.

4. T-shirts / short sleeve shirt: Barcelona in summer IS VERY HOT, specially during the months June-July-August.

5. Shorts. Denim is a must.

6. Widths and chilly cotton dresses are the best choice for girls.

7. Avoid heels: Only a few people use heels in Summer. Maybe useful to go out for a cool dinner in a great restaurant or for some dancings in a nightclub, but it is not usual. In summer, Barcelona is: comfortable, cool and trendy. Very trendy. Trendy with flats.

8. Bag: Many people wear crossed bags and especially those of "straw", which are useful to go to the beach, shopping or going out for a drink. The tote bags are also very used in Barcelona.

9. Bikini for her, swimsuit for him and hat & towel for both (preferably a large handkerchief (beach pareo), are more fashionable and they also take up very little space once folded inside the bag) and flip-flops to go to the beach. Some sunglasses will be great.

10. Camera, but if you have an smartphone with camera it will make your day. Barcelona is one of the most visited cities in the world and also one of the most photographed one. Every corner is wonderful and you will need to photograph it.

You can see on our board on Pinterest everything that you need to come to Barcelona. And if you leave something at home, do not worry! Barcelona has lovely shops where you will find everything you need.

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