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SAVE 0% AND GET 100% HAPPINESS – ChangingBlackFriday

SAVE 0% AND GET 100% HAPPINESS – ChangingBlackFriday

Black Friday arrives at Hotel Curious.

Check video: 

As every year, next November 29TH  returns Black Friday. A day in which companies reduces the value of their products applying crazy discounts to be able to attract attention and cause unnecessary consumption to people.

From Hotel Curious we will not decrease the value of our services but we will increase the happiness of our customers. We will not offer any discount but we will donate 50% of the total of you reservation to Diandé Africa, a local NGO that contributes to social integration of children from Senegal (schooling, job placement …)

Do you dare to collaborate?

It is very simple, making a direct reservation with us during the next  29/11/2019 (web, phone, email, social media) with the code changingblackfriday in request or comments of your booking reservation.

Because create happiness does not have any cost!!!

The countdown begins!

Are you going to miss it?

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