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I am Marjulyn Vicente Cabero, I am housekeeper of Hotel Curious and born in a small town in the Philippines, Tarlac.

What I like about the Hotel Curious are the photos that decorate the rooms that make each room in a corner of the city. Another aspect that I like is the location, in the center of Barcelona, 50 meters from the Ramblas and the historic city center.

Barcelona is a special city. Its climate allows you to enjoy the city at any time of year. I really like that in one city one can enjoy the mountain and the sea. It is something that happens in a very few cities.

If you come to Barcelona it is essential to shop around Las Ramblas, a lovely walk in the city center full of other attractions like the living statues or the painters. I also like the flower stalls and restaurants in this area.

Near the Hotel Curious there is “FrescCo” restaurant, they do a very thorough and good price buffet.

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