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Environmental initiatives

LED bulbs

We have changed 110 bulbs throughout the hotel.

We facilitate the waste separation

We facilitate the waste separation having recycling bins in all the rooms.

Consumption measurement

To the clients, we remember the importance of the rationalization in the use of water and we use respectful cleaning products.

Earth hour

Every year we participate «Earth Hour» by reducing electricity consumption throughout the hotel.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Curious Card

Collaboration network with establishments of Raval (our neighborhood) with the aim of promoting local commerce with our customers.

Discounts for neighbors and residents

In case you need to accommodate relatives at specific times in case emergency or need. We also offer discounts for the entire local population (residents in Catalonia).


We support culture by offering discounts to artists and clients who come to see a concert in Barcelona.

Associative movements

We participate actively in decisions that can affect our neighborhood and suggest actions to improve it. We also donate part of our profits monthly to Local Associations (Casal d’Infants del Raval, Tot Raval, Diandé Africa, Som Carrer …) and other associations (Fundació IReS).

Proximity services and products

We use Km.0 products to prepare the breakfasts we serve every morning. Since July 2017, Hotel Curious is a partner of Som Energia and CatGas, companies that generate energy from renewable sources.

Housing programs

We help to accommodate people and groups in situations of risk, social exclusion or in times of need, collaborating with the Gremi d’Hotels of Barcelona and other organizations.

Barcelona Curious Guide

Tourist guide that provides information about the most unknown and charming corners of Barcelona, made by all hotel staff.

Events for professionals in the neighborhood

We offer an ideal space for events to discuss common issues.


Direct Reservation = Direct Donation

Through a direct booking using the code: VALUES4BOOKING we will donate the same percentage of commission charged by online travel agencies (booking, expedia, ctrip …), to actions focused on social improvement.

A 15% of the total price of your reservation will be donated to sustainable projects (renewable energies, upcoming products …) and a 5% to Diandé Africa (Local NGO ) which contributes to the social integration of children in Senegal (schooling, labor insertion … ).



It is a social enterprise that dedicates 100% of its dividends to projects of access to drinking water for those who need it most. We help by distributing their bottles of water in our facilities.

Green Room

Room with a device that measures the consumption of light and water. The hotel sets some optimal energy consumption objectives that the client can consult through his Smartphone. If you reach them, you get prizes. The results are published monthly at reception.

Solidarity Room

Part of the benefits of this room are allocated to the IReS Foundation and their Hotel Invisible campaign, which works taking care of people in risk situations (social and economic).

Chiringuito de Dios

Help place for the homeless located in our neighborhood (Raval). This social dining room offers breakfast, dinner and personal hygiene. We collaborate collecting clothes that will be sold in “La botigueta solidària” to help finance this project. You can deposit the clothes in the basket located in reception

Solidarity Bag

More than a souvenir, a huge help. We give the opportunity to all our customers to buy this custom bag. The benefits are destined to Diandé Africa. As we mentioned before, this Local NGO contributes to the social integration of children from Senegal (schooling, labor insertion …). Let’s fill these bags toguether with smiles and happiness.

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